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What is love?

It is an emotional feeling each and everyone has, without this is also without us. It all started when god created heaven and earth because he loves us so much. Even if we are sinner, he still forgives us and continues loving the creatures.


How people start to fell in love?

When the feeling is mutual for someone, we fell in love. Sometimes it came in the most unexpected time, date and circumstances. We need love because it gives more satisfaction to each and everyone. It inspires us in everyday of our lives and gives happiness. Love is the reason why we still live and continue living.


Some people are trying to have a better life first before looking to special someone. He/She wants the best for their family. Other people love at the young age which sometimes causes too much heartache in both sides.


Love has no definite explanation, but for me it is the virtual guide to live and to continue our life. No matter how many struggles in our life, if we still have this kind of feelings, we can continue living.


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Adam 05/17/2010 04:09

Seems to me, this is one of the most honest, original and inspiring definitions of love that I've ever read.

Pass it along!

Lem Ung 10/28/2009 06:02

Love is a drive, however it is also a blind fold and we follow the hand that touches us--not questioning who, what, where, and why? Thus, your mind is your reason, you heart is your vice.

There are many kinds of love, however many fall for the wrong ones. Most times one falls and stays in love for the notion and feeling of being in love--not loving the person one's with. Others
think they are in love, but know nothing better--the feeling, the sensation, and the knowing.

When is it true love? It is like faith, there are no real proof, but you know it is real. There is no doubt, there is no jealously, and most importantly there is no other. When you can spend the
whole day with that person, wake up the next day and be eager to see your love's face and body. You will not feel tired being with your love, nor do you need a vacation from said love.

True love is never exclusively mutual. Just because one falls in love and feels all of it being true, does not been it is mutually felt. This is the danger, and will only lead to heartbreak,
sorrow, pain, and possibly anger and revenge. However, when two finds mutual true love--magic occurs, and it becomes a very magnificent, beautiful thing..